Sometimes we lie. Sometimes we steal. And sometimes we injure through our thoughts, our actions, or our words. When we step into the negative polarity, it is as though we put a stone in our bowl, and some of our light goes out. Slowly through time, our bowl of light fills up with stones, our light dims until it is nearly gone.

The great problem in the world today is that the whole show is being run by individuals whose bowls of light are filled with stones.

With few exceptions, there is no light shining forth from their bowls, despite what they may think and proclaim, and we can observe the truth by their actions.

Hopefully, we can wake up to what is going on and discover what we are doing.

At that moment we become aware that our bowl of light is almost filled with stones and that there is almost no light shining forth. And you know what we do then? We simply dump it out!  We start over then, but from that time forward, things are different, from then on, we begin to live our lives with awareness, braided with the cords of aloha. And it is then, precisely then, that we begin to walk our path as spiritual warriors”.

Hale Makua

‘The Bowl of Light’ – Hank Wesselman